Park Regis 4
Star Hotel

Park Regis 4 Star Hotel points towards a business orientation that reflects contemporary modern appearance and functions alike. 

Design in Details

The location of the Park Regis Hotel is in one of the most iconic locations in Riyadh; situated on King Fahad Road. The approach of the designs is to create a state of leisure.

As the hotel is closed with King Abckaoh Financial District and Its unique location. The architectural concept was to meet with a business orientation of the hotel that to reflect contemporary modern look and functions. The Hotel occupies 1179M2 land area with total builtup area of 11.301 M2. The Hotel contains the following amenities:

  • No. of 66 standard room No. ol 13 suite mom
  • No. of 1 Royal suite
  • Swimming pool. Gym & spa No. of 1 Restaurants
  • No. et 5 Meeting 
  • Club lounge
  • Coffee shop


  • Architecture: HYKAL
  • Landscape: HYKAL
  • Structure: HYKAL
  • Interior Design: HYKAL
Built up Area:
11.301 m2
Tut & Almulatwerah Real Estate Co
Land Area:
1179 m2
Riyadh, K.S.A
Construction Cost:
SR. 124,000,000