Introducing Blu Moon

Blu Moon harnesses the natural elements in creating a truly breath-taking environment for customers and tenants alike.

Design in Details

Blu Moon it is a new idea for our promising world as per kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030 vision, a place where you can enjoy time and psychological comfort on the cool beach water, a harmonious idea between a luxury hotel resort next to a boulevard full of international brands and restaurants directly on the beach.

This idea is unique as it combines luxury and activity in one since this beautiful idea is next to the beach, this environment must be taken as the main element to create this idea.

Major components of the development are:


  • 4/5 Stars Hotel 
  • Club House
  • Apartment
  • Duplex Villas 
  • VIP Villas


  • Multifunctional Plaza
  • Food and Beverages-Marine
  • Commercial 
  • Multi-Media
  • Entertainment Culture  


  • Master Plan: HYKAL
  • Design Documentation : HYKAL
  • Architectural Full Concept : HYKAL
Built up Area:
63,000 m2
Land Area:
210,000 m2
Aziziya Beach, Khobar, K.S.A
Construction Cost:
SR. 860,000,000