Introducing Gizan
Residential Development

Introducing Gizan Residential

Design in Details

In north of Jazan Bin Saedan Real Estate Co. engaged with Jazadco co. to develop Al khalyclea master plan to be one of “Ministry of Housing Project for “wafi”.

HYKAL approach is to develop a master plan and Architectural theme of the commercial and residential building with respecting the urban context of the location. HYKAL created 3 main major zones with total area 146000 M2 as the following:

  • Hotel & Mall Offices
  • Commercial building
  • Residential apartment with total no. 952 units

The development of the residential zone to be mix use of apartment, stadium, duplex and penthouse with all other sup-port facilities and entertainment to create “a smart life style The planner created cluster nodes with attractive landscape areas for each cluster that contains garden. pedestrians. water feature and sitting area with respecting privacy and culture of users additional to 2 main Masjids The façade design is to reflect Gizan ancient urban heritage and traditional culture such as Architectural element and colours


  • Master planning : HYKAL
  • Architecture : HYKAL
  • Landscape : HYKAL
  • Structure : HYKAL
Built up Area:
31800 m2
Jazon Development Co
Land Area:
170,000 m2
Riyadh, K.S.A
Construction Cost: