Aldar Tower

Aldar Tower: A Visionary Beacon at the Crossroads of King Fahad Highway to King Salman Road

Aldar Tower stands out in Riyadh’s bustling landscape as a testament to visionary design and strategic positioning. This architectural marvel stands as an iconic representation of its owner’s prominence, strategically located at the main west entrance of King Fahad Highway to King Salman Road. Aldar Tower is a fusion of modern aesthetics and functional brilliance, with 25 office floors above ground and three basements dedicated to parking and services.

Strategic Orientation

The orientation of the tower has been meticulously planned to maximise panoramic views and highlight the owner’s stature. Each aspect of Aldar Tower is designed to complement its surroundings, creating a visual spectacle that reflects the dynamism of Riyadh’s corporate landscape.

Comprehensive Design

Aldar Tower is a study in comprehensive design from the ground up. A drop-off area at the front of the tower welcomes visitors, while a spacious plaza and garden at the back provide a tranquil retreat. The roof level is a multifunctional space that houses the tower business club, water features, seating areas, and dining facilities, providing a dynamic work and leisure environment.

Modern Façade

The exterior of Aldar Tower is a modern masterpiece, with a glass curtain wall and metal cladding. This combination not only adds a sleek aesthetic but also makes use of smart systems to improve the tenant experience. The tower transforms into an innovation beacon, adapting to the demands of modern investments and technological integration.

Integrated Services by HYKAL

HYKAL orchestrates the seamless integration of architecture, landscape design, structural engineering, and MEP services. Aldar Tower is more than just a building; it is a symphony of collaborative services that bring architectural visions to life. Aldar Tower is a testament to the firm’s commitment to excellence in all aspects of the design and construction process, from the initial concept to the final execution.

Aldar Tower: Where Vision Meets Reality

Aldar Tower is more than just an office block; it symbolises the convergence of vision and reality. This architectural jewel by HYKAL, which stands proudly at a major highway crossroads, is poised to redefine Riyadh’s corporate landscape. Join us in celebrating a space where design complexities collide with strategic brilliance, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. Aldar Tower is more than a building; it’s a statement about the timeless marriage of form and function.

Built up Area:
9000 m2
DarBalad Holding Co.
Land Area:
3000 m2
King Salman Road, Riyadh, K.S.A
Construction Cost:
SR. 75,000,000