Khubar Residential Towers

Khubar Residential Towers: A Seaside Elegance Redefined

Located in the centre of Al Khobar’s Shabely district, the Khubar Residential Towers project stands out as an example of masterful architecture and careful planning. This 18,150 m2 complex, which occupies seven plots that gently slope towards the Arabian Gulf Sea, is a monument to HYKAL’s dedication to providing creative and adaptable residential solutions. Designed with mixed-use uses in mind, these towers reinvent coastal living by putting a premium on expansive views of the sea and luxurious amenities.

Strategic Seaside Haven

Located at the bustling intersection of the Arabian Gulf Sea, Khubar Residential Towers offers an unmatched beachside sanctuary. With its seven towers, each carefully planned for use as a hotel, residence or furnished flat, the project presents a tasteful fusion of luxury and practicality. A refined lifestyle is ensured by features including driver quarters, private entrances, assigned parking, and entertainment centres with heated swimming pools.

Architectural Marvel

The towers are a marvel of architecture, with colourful aluminium sunscreens acting as curtain walls on seaward-facing facades to create a visually arresting and varied elevation. The architecture skillfully strikes a balance between emphasising the sea and minimising the urban, creating a cohesive and visually beautiful combination.

Holistic Design and Services

Beyond just ownership, HYKAL is involved with Khubar Residential Towers. Our team has skillfully combined structural engineering, MEP services, architecture, and landscape design into this masterpiece of the coast, acting as a driving force behind its development. Every component, from the tasteful interior design to the useful infrastructure, is guaranteed to reflect the highest levels of quality thanks to the combined effort.

A Glimpse into Coastal Living

HYKAL expects a continuous journey of excellence as Khubar Residential Towers take shape against the backdrop of the Arabian Gulf Sea. This project, which redefines beach life in the charming Shabely neighbourhood of Al Khobar, demonstrates our commitment to innovation, elegance, and architectural grandeur. Keep checking back as we reveal additional upgrades and create a skyline that perfectly embodies sophistication and modernity.

Built up Area:
93600 m2
Al Ola Real Estate Co
Land Area:
18150 m2
Khobar, K.S.A
Construction Cost:
SR. 340,000,000