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What To Consider When Choosing An Architecture Company

Things To Consider When Choosing An Architect Company

Choosing the best architecture company for your project is difficult to say the least.  An architectural firm looking for clients would go out of its way to promote itself. As a result, they may exaggerate the situation and mislead people who are seeking their assistance.

When choosing a company, their portfolio and team are the two most important factors that you need to take into account. The portfolio gives you an idea if they have experience working on projects similar to yours and the staff’s qualifications indicate whether they are adequately competent.

 The right architectural firm can do wonders for your project. On the other hand, an incompetent team can bring disaster. So, being careful when choosing your architectural company is a must.

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All the top architecture firms in the world appoint fully qualified staff, showcase an awesome portfolio, and are transparent about their fees and expenses. So, these are the qualities you should seek when you are trying to find an architecture company.

Website And Portfolio

You can type in “architect office near me” and Google will show you local options. Choose from the results and visit the websites. Because top architecture companies will always maintain beautiful and creatively designed websites. So, this is one of the first signs that tell whether or not this company is at the level of international architecture firms.

The websites will feature various aspects of the firm. The most important one is the portfolio. You can open the links and view all their past projects.

If you are looking to hire an architect, you probably already have a mental picture of what your project should look like. Does any of the images in the portfolio resemble it? If it does, you might be close to finding the right company. However, if you don’t have a mental picture, viewing the portfolio can still give you an idea of their style.

Qualification Of The Staff

You might be able to view the team of corporate architecture firms right from their website. If it’s not available, ask for the staff’s credentials when you consider a company. Here, you should seek licensed professionals who have completed Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Architecture from recognized colleges.

Some companies or professionals might claim to be architects, but in reality, they are just drafts people. They might know how to design buildings and even have portfolios, but in reality, they aren’t legally architects. Entrusting your project to them is risky.

However, if a draftsperson is working under the supervision of a well-trained and educated chief architect then it can be acceptable.

Company Vision And Philosophy

All the biggest architecture firms abide by some core values when it comes to doing business. Their design approaches also reflect these values.

For instance, Hykal, one of Saudi’s top corporate architecture firms, has a clearly defined vision, mission, and philosophy. This indicates that this architecture firm is more than just a money-making venture. Proper completion of their assigned project is what they prioritize over anything else.

You should also look into the design approaches of the company. For example, many top architecture and interior design companies today take a modern approach to their projects. This means they tend to diminish the line between outdoors and indoors as much as they can. The results are more natural lighting and environmentally friendly homes.

On the other hand, some commercial architecture and interior design companies might have a more conservative approach. Here, you need to ask yourself what kind of approach you are looking for and if this company you are considering is comfortable with it.

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Attitude Towards Clients

Many of the top architecture and interior design companies in world comprise arrogant architects and designers. These people might not be open to the suggestions and input of a client who isn’t a professional by their standards. If you choose a company like this for your project, you can run into a lot of unpleasantness and frustration in the future.

Therefore, it is important to meet the architects and get an overall idea of how open they are to clients’ suggestions. Seek companies that are eager or welcoming to your suggestions and inputs. Sure, many of your ideas might be unrealistic. But the company should at least hear them out and find realistic alternatives.

Costs And Fees

The best architecture companies in the world are pricey. However, the rewards for this initial investment can be huge in the long term. If you search for “architecture and interior design firms near me” on the internet, surely you can find some cheap companies. However, entrusting them with a project is risky, and the long-term losses will outweigh whatever money you save.

That said, even the top commercial architecture and interior design firms will try to make a little more money off you if you aren’t careful. So, establish consistent communication with the company to negotiate both construction costs and architectural fees.

Construction costs usually comprise materials and labor. You can negotiate your way to reduce prices in both these sectors. Meanwhile, architectural fees are a bit trickier. There are fees for testing, engineering, designing, approving, and many more.

Mode Of Charging

Famous architecture firms usually charge in three ways. They might have a fixed fee based on the project. Or, they might charge you by the hour. Another way is to claim a percentage of the total construction costs.

You should also remember that architectural costs vary according to the project. For instance, typical structures like hospitals or theaters cost less. Meanwhile, if you are designing a custom office space or home, the fees and costs can be much higher.

The Importance Of The Right Architectural Company

You can’t just go to the internet, type in ‘architecture and interior firms near me‘ and appoint the first result that pops up. You need to compare the results based on the above-mentioned criteria, and only then can you find the right architectural company for you.

The right architectural company treats your project as its own. They engage everyone in their passion for the project and create a fun atmosphere at work. At the same time, the company can significantly reduce costs on your project and complete it in the best possible way.

On the other hand, failure to choose the right firm puts your project at huge risk. Under an incompetent architect, the workplace becomes risky and disorderly. This means your work will take longer to complete, bleed your funds, and can turn your nightmare of an unfinished project into a reality.


Whether you are choosing commercial or residential architecture design companies, you must do your homework properly. This little effort will reward you greatly in the long term.

Not sure how to choose the right architect company? Well, Hykal will be happy to provide you with consultant services. So, be sure to contact us.

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