Private Residential Tower: Innovative Architecture Redefined on Riyadh's Iconic King Fahad Road

Nestled on the prestigious King Fahad Road, in proximity to the Financial City, the Private Residential Tower: stands as a testament to HYKAL’s pursuit of innovative architecture. This residential tower, strategically located to offer convenience and luxury, is a distinctive blend of modern aesthetics and culturally resonant interior design. The project aims to provide a unique living experience that not only respects the essence of housing but also reflects an innovative approach to spatial design.

Private Residential Tower

Aiming to achieve a unique design with modern look and attractive interior design theme for spaces, while respecting the function and culture.

Innovative Design Elements

Private Residential Tower offers a modern aesthetic that emphasises pleasing interior design ideas that complement the available area and cultural setting. With its distinctive architectural profile, the tower, which consists of 24 conventional stories, a ground floor, and three basement floors, redefines the skyline of Riyadh. The creative design includes:
– 16 Studio Apartments
– 24 Single Apartments
– 4 Duplex Units
– 2 Penthouse Residences
Each space is thoughtfully crafted to achieve a modern and sophisticated ambiance while ensuring functionality and cultural relevance.

Services Crafted for Excellence

Private Residential Tower’s initial architectural plan and interior design idea are distinctly HYKAL’s dedication to quality. Our group has designed a living environment that goes beyond traditional living quarters and incorporates innovation into every aspect of the residential tower. Our commitment to achieving architectural brilliance is demonstrated by the services we offer, which range from the conceptualization of the architectural layout to thematic interior design.

Embracing Innovation

Private Residential Tower is more than just a residential building; it represents cutting-edge design that reflects Riyadh’s contemporary spirit. Each inhabitant will enjoy the pinnacle of modern living because to this project’s harmonic coexistence of heritage and modernity. With each creative project, HYKAL hopes to change the architectural story of Riyadh. As we continue to transform the city’s skyline with our dedication to cutting-edge design and superior architecture, stay tuned for additional updates.

Built up Area:
7038 m2
Land Area:
1173 m2
Construction Cost: